Meet The Team


Jim Green
Director of Rescue


Jim Green – Director of Rescue

Jim trained as a Forest Manager and spent 9 years in the forest industry before joining Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Since 2004 Jim has responded to animal rescues in Hampshire and with his team developed animal rescue methods and equipment now standard throughout the UK and beyond. Following successful integration of animal rescue procedures into the UK Fire and Rescue Service through the work of the Chief Fire Officers Association Animal Rescue Practioners Forum, Jim works as fulltime animal rescue manager with responsibility for operational response within Hampshire and trains fire officers and vets from around the UK and beyond. Jim is internationally recognised and has been keynote speaker at animal rescue conferences in the UK, USA, Turkey and Australia. In 2012 he was rescue advisor to the Veterinary Services Team at the London Olympics. Jim is a Director and co-founder of the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association.

Josh Slater
Director of Trauma Care


Josh Slater – Director of Trauma Care

Josh graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1985 and spent 4 years in equine practice before moving to a residency, then PhD, lectureship and then a senior lectureship in equine medicine at the University of Cambridge. He moved to the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2005 where he is professor of equine clinical studies. He is a past president of the British Equine Veterinary Association, the European College of Equine Internal Medicine and of the Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations and is the chairman of the Horse Trust. He was biosecurity advisor for the 2008 Equestrian Olympic Games, the London 2012 Equestrian Olympic Games and the 2014 World Equestrian Games. He is a co-director (with Jim Green) of BARTA and has been a veterinary lead in the large animal rescue initiative in the UK from the start. Working with Jim he has been instrumental in promoting joint training and working between the veterinary profession and the Fire and Rescue Service and is a veterinary representative on the Chief Fire Association’s Animal Rescue Practitioner Forum.

Nigel Haizelden
Technology Lead


Nigel Haizelden – Technology Lead

Nigel trained as a veterinary surgeon at the Royal Veterinary College in London. He also holds an honours degree in Physiology & Biochemistry of Farm Animals from The University of Reading. Following graduation he took an extra year’s study as an intern at the RVC Equine Surgery Department. Spending 11 years as assistant and then partner at an equine practice in North Yorkshire, Nigel was responsible for surgery and diagnostic imaging (establishing the first nuclear scintigraphy facility in the north), serving some of the big racing yards in Middleham, and providing a referral service. He then moved to an equine hospital in Lambourn – with responsibility for in-patients, managing the nursing team, some surgery and anaesthesia, and much of the lameness and imaging caseload, including over 300 scintigraphy scans per year. The lure of Yorkshire and the opportunity to put Ledston on the equine map came in 2002 and the rest is history. All a long way from his first job on a local thoroughbred stud farm while at school, where he learned basic yard and horse management, foaling brood mares, looking after foals, and preparing yearlings for Newmarket’s Tattersalls sales. Nigel established the Ledston Equine Centre in 2002 on the picturesque Ledston Estate in West Yorkshire with a vision to create a centre of excellence in equine surgery and care, education, events and livery. He has also developed the Centre’s educational role, holding regular lectures in the indoor school, and has recently launched the WebLeC Nigel’s career-long interest in thoroughbreds continues through his work with some top racehorses, sales work, and duties at Doncaster Racecourse. His other clinical interests include soft tissue surgery, imaging, wound management, laminitis, animal rescue and treatment of sarcoids.

Laura Holmes
Training Lead


Laura Holmes – Training Lead

Laura left the Royal Army Veterinary Corps in April 2014 to take up practice at St Georges Veterinary Group in Wolverhampton. During her 9 years as a military vet Laura was regarded as a natural leader with a desire to provide the highest care to both military working dogs and horses. During time in Afghanistan, Laura was responsible for humanitarian projects, assisting local people with emergency and regular veterinary support for their animals, often in remote situations where her resourcefulness and ability to act under pressure was evident. Those skills and experiences will afford huge benefits for the development of the rescue initiative in the UK and beyond.

Emma Punt
Research Lead


Emma Punt – Research Lead

Emma studied at the University of Birmingham for her degree, PhD and postdoctoral research. Following numerous years of research in human physiology Emma went on to further training as an Equine McTimoney therapist (McTimoney is a form of Chiropractic). Emma has over 10 years’ experience as an Equine McTimoney sports therapist specialising in equine and canine therapy. In addition Emma is a senior tutor and research supervisor for McTimoney College of Chiropractic.
With her enthusiasm, creativity and passion for research, Emma is working with Jaguar Land Rover to help develop a new safe towing technology. Currently Emma is running an innovative research project to look at equine stress during transportation. This research will provide a much needed wealth of information to potentially make transportation of equines safer in the future.