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Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue was formed by Tomas and Rebecca Gimenez who have been pioneering animal rescue in the US for many years. Hampshire’s Animal Rescue Specialists visited New York State in 2005 to undertake a course which helped take the UK rescue initiative to a new level. Both sides shared ideas and techniques which have enabled a broad range of rescue tools to assist in forming a tactical plan whatever country you operate in!

Large Animal RescueLarge Animal Rescue Company
The Large Animal Rescue Company was set up by John and Deb Fox, operational firefighters with a growing desire to be better prepared when it came to animal rescue. Read about their history and journey and amazingly how they credit the UK with helping them shape their capability with the sharing of training material back in the 1990’s.

Equine Emergency RescueEquine Emergency Rescue
Equine Emergency Rescue covers all aspects of Large Animal Rescue in Australia and New Zealand including information, training and news, and photos of training courses and rescues. All Downunder training dates are listed on the “Training” page, news and photos from courses are on the “News” page where emergency contact details are also listed.
Save Your
A Horse Owner’s Guide to Large Animal Rescue