Stakeholders, Associates & Useful Links

BARTA represents best practice as determined through consultation with leading veterinary expertise within the British Veterinary Association, species divisions both equine and cattle and UK rescue leads through the Chief Fire Officers Association, Animal Rescue Practitioners Forum.

BARTA also shares common aims with a variety of other organisations with whom close cooperation exists in order to promote a joined up initiative.

Chief Fire Officers Association Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA)
In 2008 the Chief Fire Officers Association set up their own Animal Rescue Practioners Forum which continues to pioneer animal rescue response in the UK Fire and Rescue Service.

British Veterinary AssociationBritish Veterinary Association (BVA)
BVA is the national representative body for veterinary surgeons in the UK. We guide our members throughout their careers, from student to retirement, with the support and knowledge they need to achieve their goals, and speak up for them on the issues that matter most.

British Equine Veterinary AssociationBritish Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA)
The British Equine Veterinary Association have been at the forefront of animal rescue development within the veterinary community since 2007. Read more about their work.
| BEVA Safer Horse Rescue Initiative

British Cattle Veterinary AssociationBritish Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA)
The British Cattle Veterinary Association launched their participation in the rescue initiative in style at their 2009 conference with HRH The Princess Royal highlighting the clear benefits of what had already been achieved and looking towards a wider Large Animal Rescue response.

The UK Fire and Rescue Service and RSPCA have been forging strong links providing reciprocal training opportunities and assisting each other at incidents to improve effectiveness and efficiencies. A national Memorandum of Understanding exists between the Chief fire Officers Association and the RSPCA outlining each others roles and responsibilities

Hampshire Fire & RescueHampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Hampshire Fire and Rescue service are the UK lead for animal rescue and their passion and dedication in improving human safety and animal welfare has been the catalyst for such great strides forward in recent years.
| HFRS Rural Safety

Horse TrustHorse Trust
For over 125 years our Home of Rest for Horses has specialised in providing retirement and respite for working horses and ponies. These hard-working equine public servants have served our nation in the Police, the Army or working with charities who use horses to help people.

British Horse SocietyBritish Horse Society
The BHS championed the Emergency Services Protocol, a document sent to all emergency responders to give basic information on the correct approach to incidents involving horses in 2007. This was in response to a campaign by the BHS and Horse and Hound magazine, outlining a wide range of response capabilities from UK fire and rescue services which ultimately led to a realisation by the veterinary community that they also were a fundamental element of rescue but had no formal training.

British DiversBDMLR
British Divers Marine Life Rescue volunteers respond to strandings around Britains coast and work with partner agencies such as the RSPCA and Fire Service. Read more about their work and see if there are opportunities to get involved near you.