BARTA Approved Equine Head Protector

£495.00 plus VAT

The BARTA Equine Head Protector is specifically designed to protect the head of a horse during transportation, clinical and rescue situations.

  • Incorporated halter for ease of use and sizing
  • Quick clips on both sides make this versatile and simple to apply
  • Robust construction, leather outer with padding next to the skin for maximum protection.
  • Protects the horse against abrasions, pressure and impact
  • Protects poll, front of face and cheeks allowing full clearance of the eyes
  • Three sizes, Pony, Cob and Full, all fully adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Hand made by craftsmen in Belgium



As techniques and protocols for animal rescue have evolved, so has the need to develop bespoke equipment for rescuers to truly apply the principals of the casualty centred rescue. The equine head protector was required because current market versions had been designed for hospital recovery rooms, rather than the rigours of the rescue scene. The head protector should be used in rescue situations to reduce effects of the horse being injured due to restricted spaces such as transportation incidents, to provide some protection from the environment when in recumbency and to reduce the potential problems associated with being strapped to a rescue glide.
Used in conjunction with the Sensory Reducer, this set provides many of the solutions to protect the needs of a horse when sedated or anaesthetised.
Whilst the Equine Head Protector has been developed for the rescue scenario it lends itself equally to the protection and comfort of a horse when in transit or for more routine veterinary procedures in the hospital or the field.


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