How do Horse Guardians Respond to Bush Fire Threats

Dr Kirrilly Thompson & Julie Fiedler

Kirrilly is a trained anthropologist who uses ethnographic methods to research the cultural dimensions of risk-perception and safety. She has particular interests in human-animal interactions, high risk interspecies activities and equestrianism.
Kirrilly is currently leading a 3 yr Australian Research Council DECRA project titled ‘Should I stay or should I go? Increasing natural disaster preparedness and survival through animal attachment’.
She recently received a prestigious Top 5 Under 40 Awards for Science Communication.
Kirrilly is the Vice Chair of the Horse Federation of South Australia and the President Elect of the Society for Risk Analysis Australia and New Zealand.

Julie has held the role of Executive Officer, Horse SA, for 14 years. This is a wide-ranging role that seeks to engage the broader horse owning community on topics including recreational trails, community facilities and sustainable land management. Julie was the organiser for the 2013 International Large Animal Rescue Conference, held in South Australia and more recently, the National Equine Safety Conference. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries (Communication), Julie plans to continue to engage horse owners and organisations on issues of common interest, especially where cultural change, cross-organisational engagement and community leadership initiatives are required.

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