Course Types Archives: Veterinary Large Animal Rescue (VLAR)

VLAR Level 3 – Rescue Specialist

In working towards this higher level qualification you will learn how to be an effective part of a command team, dealing with large scale, multi agency response to emergencies. Learning how to operate as part of that command structure to effectively in …

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VLAR Level 2 – First Responder

Course prerequisites, Veterinarians with six months (preferably) large animal practice.

This Veterinary Large Animal Rescue Level 2 – First Responder BARTA accredited course aims to provide both qualification and standardisation of techniques for veterinary professionals attending emergency incidents.  This training will equip practicing …

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VLAR Level 1 – Awareness

Suitable for vet nurses and veterinary personnel.

This course will give veterinary professionals an insight into the world of emergency response. You will be looking at inter-agency cooperation, working in a pressurised environment and identifying the first aid skills required to deal with animal rela …

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