Who we are

Princess Anne meets Jim Green

HRH The Princess Royal greets Jim Green
at the launch of the Emergency Services
Protocol at Buckingham Palace

The vision for BARTA began in 2009 when Jim Green (Animal Rescue Specialist from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service) and Josh Slater (BEVA Past President and Professor of Equine Clinical Studies at the Royal Veterinary College) recognised a developing need for co-ordination of the UK’s rapidly developing response to animal rescues.

Ranging from individual cases of trapped small domestic animals, equines, livestock and wild animals, through to large scale transportation incidents, sporting accidents and natural disasters, there was a clear need to promote joined up methodology and approach from anyone engaged in these activities.

The key role of BARTA is to provide advice, direction, training and accreditation for those involved in the rescue and trauma care of animals in order to maintain professional standards and competencies. BARTA’s primary objectives are to safeguard the public and emergency responders and to improve the welfare and viability of animals in the following situations;

  • Everyday entrapment incidents dealt with by regular emergency and animal welfare responders.
  • Loose and straying animals, including those categorised as Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) posing an immediate threat to the public at large.
  • Sporting events and other gatherings involving animals where prompt and coordinated response to accident or injury is required.
  • Extra ordinary events such as natural disaster, terrorist strike and major large scale incidents involving hazardous materials, fire or transportation where a coordinated multi agency response will be required.

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